Sunday, August 8, 2010

Afternoon at the Museum

It is my last full weekend here in Edgewater and I spent most of my Saturday Scrapbooking (other than the afternoon nap I needed from the lack of sleep the past week). Unfortunately, I will not be showing them today because I haven't scan them yet. But I will share this layout that I made for my Godfather for Father's Day (or Birthday, I cannot remember).

I needed a day to relax and just do some exploring so we went to the American Museum of Natural History, that is located in Central Park. I had been there once before but never went to any of the featuring exhibits. Dad took me to go see the Silk Road Exhibit and the Butterfly Conservatory. I am not much of a History buff, but I thought the Silk Road Exhibit would have been an interest of Dad's and mine. Really neat stuff and being the inner child, it had an activity of passport stamping as you traveled through the different countries in the exhibit.

As for the Butterfly Conservatory, I thought I would see a bunch of Butterflies in boxes. Still would have been pretty in my perspective. But the exhibit was of live butterflies flying all around you. I tried to have one land on my finger, but it wouldn't. I guess they didn't like me. It awesome and really cool to so close to so many butterflies.

As for my layout, I really wanted to incorporate the passport sheet that was created for the Silk Road Exhibit. I wanted to make the seals more visible. If I rubbed ink on it, I was worried it would ruin the image. In order to see the seals that I have stamped you are going to need to take a look at my actual copy.  That had taken up most of the page, which challenged me to be creative with the space remaining. I was only able to fit four small photos. But you can tell we had a good time. 

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  1. ooh i remember this day...then we ate at hop kee right? :)