Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not Ready for Life

Not one of my favorite layouts, I think I made this in a rush. Why did I make it in a rush? I have no idea. But it is still 'okay' to look at.  Sorry Ken, didn't mean to make it so random. However, it displays the feeling I am currently having: anxiety. I think the layout is full of anxiety. It is so disorganized and random. I had dinner with Ken Tuesday night, and we went to my favorite New Brunswick restaurant: Due Mari. We finally caught up on life; we have a meal together once every two years. After I graduated High School, I remember telling him that we would graduate college together. He entered the six year Pharmacy Program and I did the four year Engineering Program. Four years later we are graduates and unemployed. 

My anxiety will be kicking in at approximately 11:30 am. I am having lunch today with future classmates. People that I don't know are probably going to sit next to me and probably not talk to me. For the Myers Briggs, I have been determined to be more of an Introvert than an Extrovert. I am always too shy to say anything to anyone. This bad habit of mine needs to change in the next three months. Hopefully I would learn to be out going and have better topics of discussion (these are clearly not a Mandy trait). 

I was experimenting with colors. I think I got away with the light blue and pink, the yellow may have been pushing it. When I made this layout, I had recently gotten a tagger. It is the perfect tool for all those tags that have tin holes in them. Some people just glue them down. Mine can actually swing!


  1. i like the paper in the upper right corner with the flower outlines!