Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Time

I haven't blogged in a while, because of finals and graduation preparation. So graduation was earlier this week and my gosh has time flew by. My graduation festivities are mostly over and I am sitting at home waiting for the next thing in my life to happen. Summer is already here and it really doesn't feel like it. I think back to the high school summers that I had four years ago. The day that school let out, everyone let loose: no school, no homework; but I really cannot remember what else we looked forward to. I rarely ever went to the beach.

I really like this layout, since it is my first fun beach visit layout. Hopefully it will not be my last visit. I had popsicle sticks that were different colors. They reminded my of the fences that line the beach. So I lined them up to get the same feeling. The beach reminds me of the colorful clothing people wear during the summer.

I am super excited about this summer. I printed all my graduation pictures today and I am dying to start make pages of the my last semester of college. Hopefully, I will start soon. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!

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