Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Senior Design

So what are the chances that the title of your page would come out perfectly from a sheet of die cuts of alphabet letters. I am using the negative from the die cut sheets and saving the letters for something else. Maybe I will have a page called "Feed" since that is what I can spell with the letters rearranged. This semester has been somewhat interesting. Since it is my last semester, I have two senior design classes and three graduate classes. To emphasize on the "senior" part, I am beginning to have senioritis. I think is it fair though because it is the last full week of school. 
One of my Senior Design classes is called DEEF, short for Design of Environmental Engineering Facilities. Technically I should be working on our power point presentation, but I don't really feel like doing. Especially after two finals today, I think my brains needs to rest. So a little about the pictures, our senior design was to design a stormwater treatment system for a site. Our site is in Carteret at the water front park. We had to take a trip out there earlier in the semester as a class to check out the site. It was an okay trip, I just remember going to Denny's after with Kurt and Cassie to have a free breakfast.

Paper- Double Mates
Letters - Colorbok
Flowers- Prima
Rhinestones - Studio 18
Ribbon - Target

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