Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun Times

It is Thursday morning, Kurt and I have a long day ahead of us. But I know having to get up super early this morning to do our traffic count in Hoboken is going to be worth it. But since we were right by the Path, we planned to have a bit of fun and go out to the city for the day. Not a clue what that includes, but I think it would be just like this layout title "Fun Times".

The event in the layout was also a spare of the moment one. After an afternoon of ice skating, Karan, Sindhu and I decided to go get some food because we were hungry. Sindhu called Maryia and Adrian and I called Kalev. We all decided to go to Applebees for half priced appetizers.

I loved the pretty prima flowers that Karan and Sindhu picked out for me. They bought me so many goodies that I can't help but give them credit for my lovely embellishments. I originally bought the patterned paper for a layout with pictures dealing with Cheesecake Factory. The colors give me that kind of feel. But I thought it would work out so great with Applebees too.

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