Friday, April 2, 2010

4 of Us

I remember the first event with the four of us together; it was Jason's Birthday, and we went ice skating; gosh I don't remember what year it was though. I was only invited because he wanted me to keep Grams company. Sounds sad, but I guess thats not so bad. I still remain friends with all of them which is what I love the most. I think the event in the layout was last year during the summer sometime. I cannot quite remember exactly. We decided to meet up and have sushi at U-Yee, with an ice cream run at Cold Stone Creamery. When we were younger, I remember we tried to start a tradition: go ice skating during spring break every year. I think it only worked for one year. Then the next year, we went to the rink on Easter and it was closed; so we changed to a picnic at Bicentennial Park. It was just as much fun. I do not think we four have gotten to hang out since this picture was taken. I hope we do get to do something together soon.

As for the layout, I just wanted something whimsical. Up beat colors and exciting patterns make me happy. I love the swiggles cuts that I made with the Mat Stacks. I also used the Chloe's Closet letters but you cannot see them as well because it blended in to the background of the patterned paper. After putting names on the layout, I noticed that all our names are five letters long: (position in the photo) Jason, David, Mandy and Alice.

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