Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Ten Years!

Like I mentioned in my previous post. Most of my high school friends and I met in middle school. So this is a dedication to all those awesome friends that I have known for so long. I miss you guys so much . 

I still remember the days when we stay after school everyday. Supposedly we were working on the yearbook or doing some random thing. But we all would be running off to Burger King, KFC, or the pizza place by Toys 'r us. We played so many frisbee games. Oh the good old days, when we did not have anything to worry about. We weren't worried about jobs, money and the future.
We were always waiting for someone to come get us. I still remember parents taking turns to drive the ten of us home. Mostly it was my mom and Dave's Dad. It was like a crazy bus system. Why couldn't we all live by each other? For thoses the just got dropped off, it took forever to get home because all of us lived everywhere. My mother was so good at remembering where everyone lived. How could she not, she did it so many times.

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